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Mobile Games Apps are Exploding

A huge power shift is happening in how consumers play games. The introduction of mobile games has tipped the balance of power in the global video game business. The free - to- play business model and the success of games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go, are the start of the next Billion-dollar industry. According to a Global Games Market Report, gamers will generate over $99.6 Billion in revenues in 2016.  Mobile games will take a larger share than PC's for the first time in history.

Projected Growth

  • 100 Billion Apps downloaded (2017)
  • 45 Billion in Revenue (2017)

    Current Trends

    • 268 Billion Apps Downloaded (2015)
    • 200 Billion in Revenue (2015)

    Fantasy Sports

    • The odds are stacked against new players

      It’s easy to lose money, very hard to win

    • Too much about stats, and not enough fun

      Requires extra software $$ tools to be a pro.

    • Game-watching with my friends is affected

      I am compelled to play with other team’s players.

    Mobile Gaming

    • Each game is unique, algorithms don’t win.

      Everyone Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Play with your favorite team.

      Use your favorite players to earn prizes

    • Choose the “stats” you want to play

      Earn points and achievement awards, Pay small amounts, or play for FREE.

    Why The Better Way To Play?

    The average person will spend:

    •  $8.61 for movie tickets.
    • $5.00 for high school sporting events.
    • $50-$150 for tickets to professional sporting events.
    • $2.25 admission plus tokens for an arcade.


    With the better way to play, you can play for free, or pay $1.00-$1.50 and everyone gets rewarded!

    Playing along with your team brings the game to life and makes the game experience that much better.

    Everbody WINS!!!!!!!!!!

    It's just fun !!!!!!


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