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What if you could have been on the team responsible for creating Pokemon GO? or Candy Crush? You would be a  millionaire instantly because of the success of these games. What if you could earn cash every-time someone brought a token for playing these games. You also would be a millionaire. Candy Crush has a quarterly revenue of $500 million dollars and is continuing to grow. Candy Crush also brings in nearly $1 million daily from its freemium play. That is amazing because 96% of its players play for free. What if there was a company developing a new app that experts predict will be the next billion dollar company and they were willing to share its profits with you by playing, and sharing a free app. You too could make huge profits and win trips and prizes. Well  one company is opening its doors for a brief time and allowing people to do just that.

The company is United Games and they are creating a “Better Way To Play” mobile-based sports game system using its proprietary live event predictive analysis engine and associated real-time sports entertainment technologies. United Games is launching the world’s first live in game sports app in the fall of 2016. The company is building on the successes of mobile games like: Candy Crush, Clash of Titans, and Pokemon GO.  One thing United Games is doing different is allowing people to win trips, electronics, and big game tickets. People can play for free with freemium play and In -app advertising.  Use the form below to sign up as a free player.The company also has an affiliate program where affiliates earn cash my recruiting other affiliates and by sharing a free app. Learn more about the affiliate program by clicking here.



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